Expert Recovers ‘Lost’ Beauty Formula From Ancient Chinese Medicine Books

Everyone in skincare talks about “hero” ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, glycerine, niacinamide, AHAs, and the like.

We’ve all used them BUT...

...if more often than not, you honestly can’t see an effect…

(like… less than nothing happened to your face lol)

…you’re not the only one.

There’s a dirty little secret in skincare: 

Many products feel nice on the skin, but when it comes to actually delivering results, they are rather disappointing, to say the least.

But here’s THE mystery…

Have you wondered why some women seem ageless? It can’t be just genetics, right? 

Stories written in ancient books about Chinese empresses with poreless porcelain skin—thousands of years before serums were invented—are not made up.

I know because I cross-checked multiple authenticated resources.

By the way, my name is Shu Rong, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner of over 30 years, and I have to tell you… 

Some women inherited incredible beauty secrets over the past 5,000 years.

To give you an idea… 

Historical records show that Empress Wu (625-705 AD) maintained her youthful complexion even at the age of 80!

Throughout Chinese history, royal families appointed the best Chinese medicine doctors to treat them for everything, including wrinkles and signs of ageing. 

These doctors used their extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and Taoist spiritual traditions to invent beauty and anti-ageing formulas for the royals. 

Some of these formulas have been passed down as home remedies from mother to daughter. But many have been lost.

So, I opened the ancient books of health & longevity to recover these lost beauty secrets.

And it was not just my love for Chinese medicine that motivated me to do that. I was going through my own skin challenges over the years.

When I reached 45 years old, my skin was not as radiant. It was saggy, wrinkly and dry.

Looking at the mirror, I thought, “This is not my real self!” I couldn’t accept it.

I wasted tons of money on hyped-up products that felt good on my skin but ultimately didn’t deliver results.

I had to help myself!

So I doubled down on pursuing these ancient beauty secrets.

Here’s what I discovered… 

(If you really ‘get’ what I’m about to share, it will totally change the way you care for your skin.)

According to Chinese medicine, healthy skin results from a continuous flow of fresh ‘qi & blood’. 

This flow delivers a constant stream of moisture that plumps up your face naturally.

But the stresses of daily life…

…the likes of being a sleep-deprived mom of two small children, coupled with poor diet & water intake…

…can cause ‘qi & blood stasis’, leading to toxins accumulating under your skin, making you look dull and dehydrated.

What’s to be done?

You have to stimulate the circulation of qi & blood in your face, unblocking the flow of hydration from within your body while dissolving the toxic build-up under your skin.

A quick way to do this is by applying a Chinese medicine herbal remedy to your face.

Now hear me out.

Recently, many natural skincare brands have included one or two Chinese herbs in their products… 

(brands are realising the power of Chinese medicine, proudly displaying their “magic” herbal ingredients)

…and the whole thing has turned into a craze.

But the REAL secret to getting flawless skin with Chinese medicinal herbs is in the formulation of several different ones.

You have to combine the right ones in the correct proportions and make them work in synergy to dissolve qi & blood stasis.

So I combined my decades as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, along with what I found in the books and the insights passed to me from my grandfather & great grandfather…

(believe it or not, my family has a history of practising Chinese Medicine traced back several hundred years!)

…to embark on a journey to create a new 100% natural formula based on these ancient guidelines, using the most powerful anti-ageing herbs.

I experimented with a lot of different herbs—more than 50.

I needed to test them in different concentrations and see whether they were safe and effective. 

I tried them on my skin—which is very sensitive. The effect of each herb showed immediately on my face. 

It’s not like the more I used the better. I needed to select the most potent anti-ageing herbs AND also combine them in the correct ratios. 

In the end, I figured it out! I perfected the formula. 

I used it every day for 3 months.

It was burdensome because it was in powder form. 

I needed to mix it with water, use cling film to seal it on my face, wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off. 

The results, however, were amazing! 

My face was visibly lifted the very first time. 

The pigmentation became lighter and lighter until it completely disappeared. 

My wrinkles shrank and I couldn’t see any fine lines. 

My skin became tighter and I literally looked 10 years younger. 

Afterwards, I threw my expensive skincare out the window.

(just kidding... I just threw some in the bin and recycled the rest haha) 

I was so excited by the results. I wanted to see what my formula could do for other people. 

I gave it to a few friends and it worked like a charm for them too.

Then I decided to use it in my facial rejuvenation treatments for my patients who wanted glowy, blemish-free skin.

Up to that point, I was using facial acupuncture and ingestible herbal medicine to improve their complexion. But then, I added my herbal face mask formula to amplify the treatment.

The word about my formula spread quickly. I even had people wanting to mass-produce it in North America and Asia. 

But the time was not ripe. 

I was busy with my TCM clinic in Cambridge and didn’t have time to oversee the production and guarantee the quality. 

Also, I didn’t want to reveal my formula to people outside my family. I consider it a family secret.

But when my daughter used the formula, she got super excited…

(how couldn’t she? haha… My formula gave her flawless skin on her wedding day). 

She wanted to help me bring it to the market. 

I thought, “There must be many women like me who spend a small fortune on skincare but are left disappointed…

…My formula is the epitome of my 30 years as a TCM practitioner and incorporates ancient Chinese skincare secrets along with the insights my family passed on to me…

…it gave me amazing skin and made me look how I felt inside. What woman doesn’t want that?”

So I said “YES!” to my daughter. 

We managed to distil the formula into a potent super-serum…

…and package it as a sheet mask that’s so much easier to use.

This super-serum is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula of 13 natural herbal extracts that directly targets the underlying causes of dullness, dehydration and signs of ageing.

It’s completely different from the usual serums you find on the market. 

Your usual serum is artificially locking water in your skin with humectants that temporarily pull water into your skin. 

But our serum formula helps your skin balance itself by enhancing the circulation of blood & qi in your face and dissolving toxins under your skin.

It’s a corrective serum that restores your skin’s natural glow. The formula unlocks a whole new level of hydration and nutrients from within your body to reach your face.

I’m so happy we can bring this product to you because…

…I believe every woman deserves to have glowing, youthful skin. 

From mother to daughter, from us to you… 

…use our sheet mask to restore your natural radiance and let your true self shine through your face.

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